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Observant Eyes

  This morning, walking Cooper downstairs for breakfast, he looks at me concerned and says…  Mommy, do you still have a headache? Since we both have colds and have been a tad miserable off and on for the past few days, I assumed he was referring to our colds.  No buddy. I feel fine this morning, just … Continue reading


I went to vote this morning. Did you? Dragging and tired, rocking a headache from the cold front and approaching rain, all I wanted to do was get in and get out. My goal of being in and out in no time so I could grab a quick nap was such a silly idea. Really, … Continue reading

The Tank Revisited

Growing up, I always admired a piece of art that hung in a hallway off our kitchen titled, “The Tank”.   A watercolor of a collection of rural mailboxes; some filled with mail and newspapers, others empty or with doors closed to the contents. Among all of them was a doorless mailbox with a military tank sitting in … Continue reading

Cue the Violins

Stupid headaches. I hate them and hate why I have them. Stupid piece of shit brain tumor. I was less than thrilled yesterday when, at the drop of a hat, the world started to get dizzy and I started to feel off-balance and the invisible vice clamped onto my head. It’s not even raining. What … Continue reading

I Declare!

Why do you get headaches? Did they tell you that you would get headaches? Hum… A piece of skull was removed from my head, brain cut out, skull reattached and my scalp stapled back together. I didn’t ask, I figured headaches were sort of  expected.  Headaches are like the gift that keeps on giving. Sort … Continue reading

So here’s the thing…

It’s very difficult balancing being an advocate while being a patient at the same time. The lines get blurred and in the end, no matter the situation, I’m still a patient and there’s no escaping that. I had the privilege to speak yesterday at the annual Mini Brain Tumor Symposium held at Winship Cancer Institute … Continue reading

Quick Hop Onto A Soap Box

It’s raining and it’s Monday. I’m moving a little slow and drinking copious amounts of coffee in an attempt to drown out the squeaky wheels in my head. Got to love it when the newly constructed joints in your skull pop around when you’re chewing breakfast. Makes for a very glamorous and irritated domestic goddess! … Continue reading

Checking In

I’ve taken a bit of a respite from writing. I didn’t set out to take a break, but our lives have been a little chaotic and now, more than a little complicated. My mother-in-law has been in Intensive Care in critical condition since last Monday and Paul has been in Connecticut by her side with family … Continue reading

One Of The Greatest Things Has To Be

Thoughtful people. Really, they are simply splendid.  I know I write a lot about stupid people, my headaches, things that make me laugh, cry and my chaos; but what I don’t write enough about are thoughtful people. The list is long and made up of friends, acquaintances, family, readers and nameless strangers. But in the end, regardless … Continue reading

nourish: Comfort Food

On top of feeling like complete crap for a while with headaches, dizziness and stress, we’ve managed to have an interesting week since Halloween last Saturday. I’ve gone from consuming copious amounts of Halloween candy and feeling like I may need a 12 step program to stop, to caring for Cooper with the stomach flu, Tucker with … Continue reading

Drops of Rain & Drops of Tears

The rain is ruining my life; it gives me headaches and makes me feel like crap. Since the surgery, any rainy day has brought a headache, but they’ve been a day here a day there and it’s all been manageable and easily tolerated.   We’re pushing over a month of more rain than sun and … Continue reading

18 Butterflies

A gift from a friend, 18 handmade butterflies hang in my office above my desk. What I see when I walk into the room and what I look up to when I work and write. From the breezes that come through the window, they flutter, fly and reflect shadows around the room; they are a … Continue reading


 Look what decided to finally make an appearance… thanks for showing up to the party.