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Team Gluttony

I know you know. It’s so obvious how could you miss it? Huge news, unbelievable, we can barely wrap our minds around it… it’s still raining in Atlanta. Yes, and my head is still ready to explode.  Any moment I am sure of it.  But, it gets even better, more amazing and unbelievable…  School Is Cancelled tomorrow due to rain, flooding and general … Continue reading

The List Gone Bad

Waking up each day to discover that I am still in Hell has been toping my “Things I dread” list. Like a chemistry experiment gone bad, mixing a never ending monsoon of rain and thunderstorms with my ‘two more holes and I’d be a bowling ball head’, the outcome is pretty ugly. In my former … Continue reading


Friends and a crab cake, steak and wine dinner help make endless rainy days, headaches and curls all the easier to handle! Cheers.

Rain Be Gone

Guess what? It’s raining again and I have another headache, again.  I fear my head will implode one of these days if it does not stop raining.  I used to really enjoy a rainy day. That hot cup of coffee and my Wall Street Journal used to be more fun on rainy days. The peace … Continue reading

Headaches and Crows

Did not sleep too well last night, and woke with a huge headache. Seems like when the weather is overcast or any sign of rain, it will be a doom and gloom day for my poor little head. Have the windows open since it is pretty breazy outside and not hot… miracles do happen finally … Continue reading