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Forty for Forty

Forty for Forty

A monumental event is approaching in our lives, and for so many reasons, it’s hard to believe it’s looming on the horizon. Seven years ago today, a day remarkably similar to today with clear blue skies, heat and humidity, I became a patient. I was 32. At 32 I quietly and privately resolved, against the … Continue reading

Mad Money

Mad Money

We gather in the heat of the southern Atlanta summer each year to honor those who have supported us, worked with us to raise money for the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation’s Race for Research and with hope that we’ll celebrate another year of my continued stability. This year was no exception. In-fact, this year was … Continue reading

CNN Human Factor Blog Post

CNN Human Factor Blog Post

Below is the blog post I wrote for the CNN Human Factor piece that aired this morning. You can find it here as well. ******** June 20, 2007 we began living a new life. In a brief moment, the world stopped spinning and a resounding smack signaled the closure of the life we knew. Nothing … Continue reading

The Lengths I Will Go…

…to promote a cause and raise money while simultaneously challenging the last shred of my self-esteem in the waning weeks of my pregnancy are pretty great. So, in the spirit of the cause and in an effort to bring awareness and hopefully raise more money, I’m sharing the video of me promoting, with the help of Tina Buck who lost her … Continue reading

Worth The Wait

A house full of old friends, college friends made new again, local friends, food, drinks (lots of drinks) and plenty of laughter made for an unbelievable weekend. Having clocked in a pathetic 13 hours of sleep between Thursday night to Sunday morning, it was a fair trade-off for the most fun I’ve had in as long as I can … Continue reading

Cast Of Characters 2010

We’re rapidly approaching Team Babes with Brains fourth year at the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation’s Race for Research and our cast of characters deserves a shout out.   While one may argue I should address the billowing bubbles coming from my washing machine instead of simply closing the door and pretending I didn’t see it; or … Continue reading

Quick Hop Onto A Soap Box

It’s raining and it’s Monday. I’m moving a little slow and drinking copious amounts of coffee in an attempt to drown out the squeaky wheels in my head. Got to love it when the newly constructed joints in your skull pop around when you’re chewing breakfast. Makes for a very glamorous and irritated domestic goddess! … Continue reading

Babes with Brains

Here we go… year three. A few days away from another 5k run in the hot Atlanta sun.  The time has come to step back from updating my iPod “Run” play list, begging for money and give pause to acknowledge those who have stood with me and are my team.  Babe number one is Kelly. … Continue reading