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What We Saw

We ventured out today to fetch some needed groceries. Staples like more eggs, sandwich makings, bribery candy, yogurt and anything that would fit in my backpack.   We walked. The exercise was great and we survived at least a half-dozen near wipe outs on the ice and the boys ate enough snow and ice to keep them … Continue reading

Snowmageddon Southern Style

Tomorrow is day three of being stranded at home.   Unless you’re living under a rock, the South got slapped with a nasty winter storm. It’s chaos here. Measuring just over 7 inches of white fluff at our house with a sleek layer of ice on top from hours of sleet Monday, it’s a beautiful disaster. At … Continue reading

Out Of The Blue…

We got dumped on and guess what? We liked it. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank SC Johnson and Ziplock for making A+ quality corrogated boxes! What else is a Northern family, transplated in the South, supposed to use for sleds? Funny thing is that the boys never questioned that these weren’t real sleds. Not sure what that … Continue reading