Out Of The Blue…

We got dumped on and guess what? We liked it.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank SC Johnson and Ziplock for making A+ quality corrogated boxes!

What else is a Northern family, transplated in the South, supposed to use for sleds?

Funny thing is that the boys never questioned that these weren’t real sleds. Not sure what that says about them or us, but I prefer to think we’re resourceful and damn happy Paul was gone this week for garbage day. I sure as hell wasn’t going to break down the boxes for recylcing like Paul does each week! So boys, you are welcome to thank your lazy Momma for leaving the boxes in the garage. I just knew we’d need them!   

So while we get busy doing a bunch of this:

I think I’ll get busy making a bunch more of these:


The simple pleasure of a Southern Winter is an unexpected dumping of snow, sledding on Ziplock boxes and cooking for hungry boys. Now if only my happy lounge chair looked more comfortable hanging in the driveway while I watch the boys play!

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