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Prayers at Ten

Prayers at Ten

Homemade hamburger buns, organic beef burgers hot off the grill, a heaping bowl of fruit and sides of milk; it was an ordinary Tuesday night dinner. Maybe it’s our new farm table. Maybe it’s how we’ve conceived a new evening routine, eating later and accommodating Paul’s long days. Whatever it is, it’s working. We are more spiritual … Continue reading

Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, especially on the weekends. Call me a short order cook. If asked, I’ll cook my family anything they ask for and often spend hours on end prepping, cooking and cleaning to only repeat it again and again until we tuck the wee ones in bed at night. Don’t get me wrong, I … Continue reading

5 Reasons To Smile

5 Reasons To Smile

It’s been months since Cooper and I sat in the basement for hours filling Dixie cups with potting soil and planting seeds. We spent weeks as a family watching seeds flourish and others fail to grow or thrive in our make-shift greenhouse set up each year by my bedroom windows. Hours were spent, as they are each year in late winter, tilling the … Continue reading


I opened my eyes this morning only to have two eyes and a button nose staring back at me. “Good Morning Mommy! Can I have my Eggs and Bacon?” he called running out of the room. I rolled out of bed, stepped into my slippers, grabbed my glasses and headed to the kitchen scrolling through the 23 emails … Continue reading

Soup’s On

It was bound to happen. Both boys home sick from school. Coughing like bandits and sounding like they’ve got clothes pins on their noses, complaining of aches and everything in-between, we’re hanging around the house in our jammies until the germs decide they’ve had enough of us and give up.   One would think that these … Continue reading

Breaking Down The Holiday

Our kitchen was full of conversation, our yard full of playing children, our tables and bellies full of food, much laughter was enjoyed and our hearts full of gratitude as we celebrated with friends and family by our side Thursday. It was a great time and so wonderful to reconnect with an old friend and … Continue reading

It’s Not Even Summer Yet…

… and I’ve got a bounty growing in my garden!  It’s only May 17th and it is starting to look like mid-July out there already! I spent a few hours this afternoon tying up my Cucumbers and Tomatillo plants which are gearing up to provide insane amounts of produce; harvested the last of the Butter Crunch … Continue reading


Aside from the cataclysmic pollen levels of late, the arrival of Spring has been wonderful. For whatever reason, maybe because of the endless rain this fall and our long and painfully cold winter, I’m more appreciative of the green bursting everywhere and the rebirth of my perennials, Hostas and Ferns sprouting from under the pine … Continue reading

nourish: Comfort Food

On top of feeling like complete crap for a while with headaches, dizziness and stress, we’ve managed to have an interesting week since Halloween last Saturday. I’ve gone from consuming copious amounts of Halloween candy and feeling like I may need a 12 step program to stop, to caring for Cooper with the stomach flu, Tucker with … Continue reading

nourish: Local Harvest

    A great organic food resource is a great resource to have, and this is a fabulous one. Check out Local Harvest at localharvest.org and find out where your nearest organic farmers’ markets, family farms, restaurants and grocery stores are.  You’ll also find links to sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other … Continue reading

nourish: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

We try very hard to eat local and organic food in our home and as such, it is rare that I buy processed foods.  The process of making something from scratch can be time consuming, but I love the creative process cooking allows for and the fun had in the kitchen. When it came time to celebrate … Continue reading