Breaking Down The Holiday

Our kitchen was full of conversation, our yard full of playing children, our tables and bellies full of food, much laughter was enjoyed and our hearts full of gratitude as we celebrated with friends and family by our side Thursday.

It was a great time and so wonderful to reconnect with an old friend and her family after all these years. Watching as our children made friends and played for hours together was amazing. I’m especially grateful that we all were able to enjoy the cherry pie before a dog named Toby snaked it off the counter while we were outside.  I suppose better a pie than the Turkey and yes, I have been at a Thanksgiving where this did happen.  

In the midst of all the laughter, eating and entertainment, there were of course a few moments when I wasn’t sure what direction it would go…  

Wednesday night I found myself twiddling my fingers trying hard to patiently wait for a Plumber to repair backed up kitchen plumbing lines and a broken disposal. With dishes stacked up, more cooking and prepping to get done, I prayed it was an easy fix.  

I learned a valuable and expensive lesson; drains and disposals, specifically our old, power challenged and barely able to digest lettuce disposal, clearly objected to the large quantity of organic potato peels I served it up. Who knew? 

Cha ching… $300 in the plumbers pocket and I’m now the proud owner of clean kitchen pipes and a new super charged and amazingly quiet disposal that Paul picked up on the way home. A bonus free of charge, was listening to Paul rant, curse and throw things at the “damn” thing while he installed the new disposal. It all was really priceless. Sort of, but not really.   

Wednesday night, while I waited for the plumber to arrive, I panicked.  

Did I even buy the Turkey? Oh. My. God… Did I buy the Turkey? I can’t remember if I bought the Turkey! Why can’t I remember if I bought the damn Turkey? Oh, Shit! Please tell me I bought the Turkey!  

I finally remembered but not fast enough, that I had indeed made the bird purchase. Hiding out in the garage fridge, out of sight and out of mind it had clearly drifted and ventured too far out of my mind.

$300 poorer on Thanksgiving morning but feeling grateful that I had a functioning kitchen sink and disposal, it occurred to me that I was no longer a proud owner of a roasting pan.

Since I hadn’t prepared a Turkey in three years, having been at friends last year and opting for Lobster the year before that, it never occurred to me that my stock pile of kitchen gadgets would be missing such a basic item.

As I stood in my kitchen, perplexed, I remembered that after a misadventure with crab legs on the grill and unable to get the stink of seafood out of it, we’d tossed it. With a brined, seasoned and herb stuffed Turkey waiting on a rack, I improvised with a large sheet pan and called it a day. Basting was a bitch, but it all worked out.

Here’s hoping our 2010 Thanksgiving will always shine bright in my memory since I forgot to take any photos and that I’ll do a better job recalling the events than I did remembering if I bought a Turkey. God help me.   

Cheers to you and here’s hoping your misadventures were no worse than mine and your Thanksgiving a blast just like mine.  Onward to Christmas we go!

6 thoughts on “Breaking Down The Holiday

  1. Two years ago our disposal broke as well … I guess celery is a big no-no as well. Who knew?? 🙂 Glad at the end of it all you had a great day! Miss you XOXO

  2. I hate the fact when you buy a house the owner’s manual doesn’t say “Never put the potato skins in the disposal” Welcome to the club of holidays things I shouldn’t do. Hope you didn’t put the meat fat the same place as the potato skins?………Keep the plumbers # on speed dial!

  3. In the end as long as the company was good and the people happy, that to me is the main function of a day like Thanksgiving. The food, people will take what is going and enjoy.

  4. I am so glad that we were able to reconnect. The meal was amazing (even though the turkey was not roasted in a roasting pan!) and the company was even better! Thanks for making our visit to Atlanta so much better…and that Mexican place was yummy too!

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