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The Off Season

The Off Season

Leaving Harper snuggled up with my mom who was visiting for a long weekend, Paul and I headed to the ball fields with the boys.   It’s late fall and the end of the season. Shoes are broken and beat up after being worn and passed down from one brother to another. T-shirts have given way … Continue reading

Opening Day

Two boys. Two teams. Two schedules. and… Two unique personalities. Makes for one great spring spent at the ball fields.

Mix, Pour, Oink…

What do these three things have in common? Well, the enormous zucchini I managed to miss in the garden will become zucchini bread tonight (recipe here). The bottle of red wine will be enjoyed during said domestic activity and after enjoying the wine and of course sampling copious amounts of fresh baked bread, I will surely feel like a pig.    My night was … Continue reading

Games Boys Play

My boys eat a lot. They come to the table sometimes with game faces on professing the importance of eating to be strong and “hit home runs like Big Papi (David Ortiz)”.  It is often amusing watching them eat, wondering where it all goes in their little bodies. Tucker, who is usually eaten under the … Continue reading