Games Boys Play

My boys eat a lot. They come to the table sometimes with game faces on professing the importance of eating to be strong and “hit home runs like Big Papi (David Ortiz)”.  It is often amusing watching them eat, wondering where it all goes in their little bodies. Tucker, who is usually eaten under the table by Cooper, has been known to pull out a surprise run at the refrigerator surpassing his brother when you least expect it.  

We should not have been surprised when they triumphantly ate their way through the bagel shop this morning.  When they each finish containers of orange juice and milk before we had the chance to pay for them, conditions were favorable for copious amounts of food being eaten.  Round one: bagel and cinnamon roll. Round two: two bagels.   

Venturing back to refill coffee while the boys ate, I could not help but notice two, very large dudes (like NFL large) decked out in Patriots hats and jerseys.  Forgetting I had my Red Sox hat on, I was confused when they gave me the thumbs up, smiles and belted out “Like your hat…best team ever”.  Realizing they were talking about my hat, I gave back the thumbs up and smiled.  Then… it happened. A Yankees fan walked in wearing this shirt: 51S+sQR7UiL__SS500_ 

The back reads: FIRST AND ONLY LESSON: Since 1923 the Yankees have racked up 26 World Series trophies and the Red Sox have 7 since 1903. Hey Red Sox Nation, what are you doing for the next 235 years? It’s going to take that long just to match our current total, CLASS DISMISSED.





Now I don’t know what Yankees dude was thinking, but it was super funny to watch it all unfold. As the Yankees dude waited in line ordering with his wife, he checked out my hat and then noticed the pair of Patriots fans at their table and quickly left.  His wife, now left behind, pays for the order, grabs the bags and leaves. Looking around outside as she leaves you can hear her yelling at her husband… “Where did you go? Why did you leave?”  Having just watching this silent game of psychological fan chess go down, I had to turn around and look at our pair of Patriots fans who sat looking at the door smiling.

After the boys finished eating, we tossed out our trash and went for a final run of refills and passed the Patriots table. They both looked up, knowing I had witnessed what had just transpired, gave a nod and a glance to the door with a grin as if to say, we got your back Red Sox.  Boys do love the games they play, and of course the food they eat.

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