Task Queen

I cheerfully volunteered recently to be the classroom helper for Tucker’s class. Copy this, cut that, paste these, laminate those, assemble that and Velcro this.  This year I have taken on being a room mom and while I realize we are only one month into school, it has been fun.

3 hours after I started and while I never thought I would finish, I got everything completed in the basket that the teacher needed done and I even think I did it all correctly… I think. Even the kids wondered what was taking me so long and what I was doing.  Watching the kids fascination with how long I sat at a little desk in a little chair in the hall outside their class while they came and went, I couldn’t help but sense that other moms don’t stay and finish all the projects in the basket.  So, either I am overly generous with my time or I work at a remedial level and the kids are wondering why I am so slow.  I strongly suspect they think I’m slow.  Slow to read the memo that other moms probably don’t spent 3 hours in little chairs at little desks in the hallway. I am not always the sharpest crayon in the box, but I mean well.

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