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Drops of Rain & Drops of Tears

The rain is ruining my life; it gives me headaches and makes me feel like crap. Since the surgery, any rainy day has brought a headache, but they’ve been a day here a day there and it’s all been manageable and easily tolerated.   We’re pushing over a month of more rain than sun and … Continue reading


 Look what decided to finally make an appearance… thanks for showing up to the party.                                

Team Gluttony

I know you know. It’s so obvious how could you miss it? Huge news, unbelievable, we can barely wrap our minds around it… it’s still raining in Atlanta. Yes, and my head is still ready to explode.  Any moment I am sure of it.  But, it gets even better, more amazing and unbelievable…  School Is Cancelled tomorrow due to rain, flooding and general … Continue reading

The List Gone Bad

Waking up each day to discover that I am still in Hell has been toping my “Things I dread” list. Like a chemistry experiment gone bad, mixing a never ending monsoon of rain and thunderstorms with my ‘two more holes and I’d be a bowling ball head’, the outcome is pretty ugly. In my former … Continue reading