I opened my eyes this morning only to have two eyes and a button nose staring back at me.

“Good Morning Mommy! Can I have my Eggs and Bacon?” he called running out of the room.

I rolled out of bed, stepped into my slippers, grabbed my glasses and headed to the kitchen scrolling through the 23 emails on my phone.

Ta Daaaa!!! Ta Daaaa!!! Ta Daaaa!!! Good Morning Mommy! I made breakfast! It’s all ready for you! It’s all nutritious and good for you too. I can’t make the hot stuff since I don’t know how to turn on the stove and I can’t reach the fast hot cooker (microwave), but this is just as good for you!

I was still waking up, trying to focus my eyes to where his voice was coming from and process what he was talking about. Then it all came into focus. I saw his beaming smiling face peaking above the counter behind the glass and plate.

It only took a second to register what I was looking at and then I melted.

In that one second everything naughty the kiddo has ever done, including flooding two bathrooms, were distant forgotten memories immediately overshadowed by his well executed, loving and thoughtful gesture.

My mind was racing… “He actually appreciates me! He’s actually been listening to me about good food! He is growing up and he’s thoughtful! Oh. My. God! Maybe I’m actually doing something right after all.”

There are a lot of milestones that I don’t remember, but this is certainly one sure to stick and remain with me forever. How can it not? I mean who doesn’t remember the first time their baby made them breakfast?

A milestone for sure and yes, this is exactly what it looked like. My all organic, good for me, plate of happy.

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