Soup’s On

It was bound to happen. Both boys home sick from school.

Coughing like bandits and sounding like they’ve got clothes pins on their noses, complaining of aches and everything in-between, we’re hanging around the house in our jammies until the germs decide they’ve had enough of us and give up.  

One would think that these boys wouldn’t have appetites. But, of course, just like their momma, they’re anything but the norm and full of the unexpected.  

These little dudes tapped me out of my last half-gallon of OJ by 9am, the bacon is gone and we’re down to our last half-gallon of milk, half-dozen eggs and three slices of bread. Whew! 

When sick boys start the morning out with a half-dozen pancakes, scrambled eggs, pints of OJ and a hot dog to boot… you know they officially occupy the category of “Feed the Cold”, not “Starve the Cold”.  

Simmering away on the stove top is a pot of our Chicken Tortilla Soup (here) which will do a good job of clearing out some noses and soothing their ills. I’ll make a game day decision in a few hours about running to the store for more supplies or take the chance that what I’ve got left will tide us over. Here’s hoping they head back to school tomorrow and I can replenish the pantry sans pajama wearing, coughing, stuffy nosed boys tagging along for the adventure.  

Between wiping noses and reminding my hacking ones to cover their mouths today, I’ll be channeling my inner laundry goddess in an attempt to knock out a half-dozen loads of laundry, ship out some gifts, catch up on paperwork, play some Wii with the boys, referee disputes and settle myself into the kitchen for a marathon day of slinging food into the mouths of hungry sick boys.   

While I’m at it maybe I’ll even attempt a workout on my elliptical and grab a hot shower too! Wow…. maybe these sick days aren’t so bad after all.  

At least I’ve got the soup on.

2 thoughts on “Soup’s On

  1. Sorry the boys are sick….but those lazy days are so needed every now and again….makes you slow down and smell the soup!!!

  2. Hang in there, Jen! I reminded my kids this AM to double-up on the hand washing since it seems everyone is sick. Good luck!

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