Prayers at Ten

Homemade hamburger buns, organic beef burgers hot off the grill, a heaping bowl of fruit and sides of milk; it was an ordinary Tuesday night dinner.

Maybe it’s our new farm table. Maybe it’s how we’ve conceived a new evening routine, eating later and accommodating Paul’s long days. Whatever it is, it’s working.

We are more spiritual than we are religious. Prayers at dinner are about as rare as the number of family dinners we’ve shared around a table in as many years that I can remember.

Tonight, long after Harper was tucked into bed, baseball cleats and gloves were hung up, homework done, a dozen games of tic-tac-toe played and a daddy changed out of his suit; we gathered ‘round the table to break bread yet again.

We gathered ‘round, dressed our burgers, passed the sides and set out to dive in when a little voice at the table put his two hands together, looked around and suggested we have a prayer.

Unsure what to say and sitting in silence with his head bowed and hands clasped, Tucker offered to take over for his brother. Tucker, accustom at his new school to the routine of a morning prayer before start of the academic day, looked around the table with confidence. He would share, he said with a firm voice, the prayer he has been saying over the past week.

Dear God. I pray for Mom and her scan Thursday and that she doesn’t have another brain tumor. I pray that we enjoy our food and that there will be more for us. I pray for our soldiers. I pray that we are happy. I pray for Boston. I pray that the Red Sox win. Amen. 

With the confidence of a young boy wise beyond his years, he sat proud, humble and strong.

Maybe it’s our table. Maybe it’s the time we’ve carved out of the late evening to break bread as a family. Whatever it is, it’s working.


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13 thoughts on “Prayers at Ten

  1. Jen: Fantastic piece. I really enjoyed it and can relate. Sounds like you have got great kids. You must be proud. Good luck with upcoming scans.

  2. This is beautiful and I made a copy for your dad. Let me know your results please. You are in my prayers- Gwen

  3. This was so special to read. I pray for you often from Charlotte! I look forward to reading more of your posts and wish you great joy with the family.

  4. Jennifer – Angela and I will be praying for you as well on Thursday along with Cooper, Tucker, Paul and probably more people than you can ever imagine. As you know it has helped us deal with my challenges and has had a powerful impact on us. Prayer doesnt solve all the problems it just helps us deal with them and I am glad that the boys have brought it to your attention.

    • Thank you Peter and Angela! I knew you would say that about prayer and we are so grateful for your friendship and support. I feel terrible that I have not been in touch lately, but you and your recovery have been in the forefront of my mind and concern. Looking forward to catching up with you both soon!

  5. Lovely. Prayers are strong. Its also a great opportunity to hear whats on our children’s minds…to just listen, and sigh. Great for reflection and humility and grateful hearts.
    Mia, Liam and I pray every night before bed-they have even called me from sleep overs to pray over the phone.
    To be thankful and to ask for guidance. Love.

    • Thank you Kelly. Sweet kiddos you have there! It is wonderful to see them grow, develop and find their way. The glimpses of the people they are becoming is striking. Cheers to you and thank you for your support and friendship.

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