Checking In

I’ve taken a bit of a respite from writing. I didn’t set out to take a break, but our lives have been a little chaotic and now, more than a little complicated. My mother-in-law has been in Intensive Care in critical condition since last Monday and Paul has been in Connecticut by her side with family for over a week. With another storm bearing down on the Northeast, we’re not sure when or if he’ll ever get a flight out, but we have our fingers crossed that we’ll see his mug by Friday. The boys miss daddy, and I do too.

I’ve got an MRI scheduled for Monday and considering what’s going on with my mother-in-law, this scan better be squeaky clean. At this point, I’m not sure my poor husband can handle any more bad news, and I have no patience for more chaos. Maybe I’ll bring some refrigerator magnets on Monday to lighten the mood and let Paul toss them at me and see if they stick after the scan. I’ll be all looped up from the sedation, so lord knows I’d surely laugh too! Call me an equal opportunity “make light of the health crisis” entertainer. I’ve got to wonder if my domestic goddess magnetic force field is getting more powerful after all these scans. Maybe I’ll get the power to start driving better on Mario Karts and not get my ass handed to me by my six year old.

It’s raining (again) and I am firing off profanity in my head every time I look out the window. God Damn F*@King Rain!!!! 800mg of Ibuprofen and a huge cup of coffee have sort of dulled the headache, but I could really use a warm sunny day and quite possibly a cure for brain tumors. Is that asking for too much? Can someone please get on that?

Between profanity, coffee and wondering why asking for a cure for brain tumors may be too much to ask, I’m contemplating a game plan for dinner. I promised, which until this moment I had forgotten, to bring dinner to my friend Leigh who broke her leg on Christmas day riding something called the Green Monster down her driveway. Maybe she’ll let me bring it another night… (mental note to call her!) I hate it when I forget things!

Thai take out would be divine, but I think I’ll go with the boys new favorite and head down to the kitchen to start making a new batch of fresh pasta. With the stress of my Mother-in-Laws illness, lending support to my husband, dread for my upcoming MRI, a pounding headache and doing my best to steer this ship alone for a few more days, I think the boys and I deserve a little bit of back to basics tonight.  

Cheers to a bowl full of happy and prayers for good health!

4 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Hi I hope your mother-in-law gets well soon and you meet your hubby too !!
    By the way the bowl of noodles is too tempting .

  2. Love the idea of the magnets after the MRI…gave me a great giggle! If your scores on Mario Kart really do improve, let me know. I constantly get my a$$ kicked by my boys, all the time yelling things like, “How can this be? I actually know how to drive a car…and you’re only 6!!!”

    Thinking of you on Monday…

  3. Oh girl, I’m thinking of you all! I’ve had freakin’ migraines lately and I am ready to seriously take a hammer to my head (would feel better). I’m sure it’s just sinus…chalk it up to getting older! Ha! I always get headaches when it’s rainy…pressure change?
    My best and I’ll be thinking about you Monday too! …oh…yummy pasta! 🙂

  4. Jenn- I trust the main ingredient of that yummy bowl of comfort food– besides pasta — is butter. Photo is too too cute.
    More power to you this week as you knock out week 2 of single parenthood. Pasta for dinner night after night could be a good plan. We don’t call that “leftover night” in our house, but rather “Encore Night” 🙂 It’s all about the reframe.
    Will be thinking of you at MRI time. Wishing you well… and a week of better barometric pressure in ATL.

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