Warning: Currently Under The Influence

Thanks to an early afternoon IV cocktail of sedatives to get through my MRI for a nasty case of claustrophobia, I just woke up from a nap and am just about ready to climb back into bed and sleep the rest off. Playing patient is so exhausting.

My phone is lighting up like a Christmas tree with text messages and emails from everyone wanting to know “Any News Yet?” So, I’m here at my desk attempting to remain lucid enough to think and type. It is challenging… I keep pausing and staring at the screen.

Paul fielded the call earlier from the good Dr. while my lazy ass slept, and he proudly informed me when I stumbled into the kitchen that I was the picture of perfect health… my scan was clean. Yippee, Skippy! If I wasn’t already under the influence, I’d pour myself a drink. So go ahead and have one for me! Bottoms up and cheers!

Thanks for all your support, encouragement, love and laughter… now I must go back to bed before I blink one more time and pass out on my keyboard.

Sweet Dreams!

13 thoughts on “Warning: Currently Under The Influence

  1. My old friend Jenny Keenan, who I had many sleepovers with, pictures of Doug Flutie on your wall…the girl whose flute playing inspired me to…um actually practice!! Who I swung with on your hammock in your yard…….

    I have not kept up with your journey, but upon hearing this news…I say a big……YESSS! Congratulations!!

    I send my best regards to you and your family,

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