What We Saw

We ventured out today to fetch some needed groceries. Staples like more eggs, sandwich makings, bribery candy, yogurt and anything that would fit in my backpack.  

We walked. The exercise was great and we survived at least a half-dozen near wipe outs on the ice and the boys ate enough snow and ice to keep them hydrated and entertained.   

Just under two miles to the store and then back home again, we clocked just shy of 4 miles in three hours not counting our shopping adventures.  

There were protests along the way. Falling into snow banks or bushes claiming they couldn’t continue one more step, they were quite the actors. While I cheerily informed them that in no way, shape or form was I going to carry them; they were welcome to stay on the sidewalk, build a shelter out ice and snow, forage for food with the wild coyotes and spend the night together or get up and trudge back home to where it was warm and I was happy to cook a hot meal.  

After a bit of reflection, they decided to keep pressing on.

Smart kids.  

Here is a glimpse of what we saw and what happens in Southern grocery stores when all hell breaks loose with Mother Nature…

Produce anyone?


Tomato Anyone?


Got Milk?

2 thoughts on “What We Saw

  1. Wow Jen! Thanks for sharing those pix. I can’t believe the empty shelves. You are awesome making that pilgrimage to the store with the boys. But I already knew you were awesome! Fun times.

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