Worth The Wait

A house full of old friends, college friends made new again, local friends, food, drinks (lots of drinks) and plenty of laughter made for an unbelievable weekend.

Having clocked in a pathetic 13 hours of sleep between Thursday night to Sunday morning, it was a fair trade-off for the most fun I’ve had in as long as I can remember. Who’d have thought celebrating being a brain tumor patient and stable survivor could be so damn fun! I can’t wait for next year!

Babes with Brains raised over $4,400 contributing to the $225,000 the 2010 Race for Research hauled in! Thank you!

To say it was hot on Saturday morning, would be a understatment. It was crazy hot. But we ran anyways. Paul pushed the kiddos in the jogger and I managed to convince myself not to cheat and find a short cut the finish line while I chanted to myself.. ‘One More Step’ while inserting choice explicative every quarter-mile. My time was a total disappointment at 28:18. Even though I had clocked some 26:40’s on the treadmill the heat got the better of me and I did the best I could to eek out a run on 3.5 hours sleep in 90 degree temps!  

Plans are already in the works for a tent, dance floor and band in our backyard for next year… so in anticipation I’m starting to stockpile some sleep in my sleep bank.

For my team…

Thank you to Jared and Stephanie for making the trip from NYC with all your crazy travel delays and flight cancellations and thank you for your amazing friendship and support.

Thank you to Laura and Kristen for being the same wonderful friends you were 15 years ago. A new tradition has begun and I am honored that you are back as a part of my life.

Thank you to Kelly for being such a great friend and supporter. You ran that 5k like no ones business and I tried like hell to at least keep you in my sites! You rock girl.

Thank you to Karen and Andrew for getting a sitter for the run and our party Saturday night and for being such wonderful and unwavering friends.  

Thank you Paul. I couldn’t do any of this without you.



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