I Declare!

Recent anonymous reader message… 

You must be so scared. Aren’t you afraid of dying?


Nope. Really.

Of course I’d prefer not to, but hell, we’re all dying of something at some point. Death is a part of life. Pretty simple. Based on recent intel, I don’t suspect it’s soon. Confidence is high!

I am, however, afraid Paul will still not know how to fold a fitted sheet and not plan for enough food and drink at the post funeral bash.

3 thoughts on “I Declare!

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your tumor and at such a young age. My husband has been diagnosed with Huntington’s Chorea and this disease has no cure and people usually die from it within 10 years of being diagnosed. Each of my kids all might have the disease. People are constanlty asking how am I going to deal with his death. It is so annoying. i’m trying to stay positive.

  2. Dumb asses are everywhere but unfortunately there are no medical procedures to cure them.
    Yes Paul, you are supposed to fold fitted sheets.

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