Mad Money

We gather in the heat of the southern Atlanta summer each year to honor those who have supported us, worked with us to raise money for the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation’s Race for Research and with hope that we’ll celebrate another year of my continued stability.

This year was no exception. In-fact, this year was exceptional. Through the support of friends, family, co-workers and strangers, we raised some Mad Money for brain tumor research. Our team, Babes with Brains raised $15,757 for brain tumor research.

I am humbled by the level of support we received and by the depth and breadth of the donations collected. I am humbled by the friends who have stood with us since 2007 and celebrate with us each year. I am humbled by the distance many of our friends traveled and the hoops some of them had to jump through simply to be with us this past weekend.

I am humbled by the courage and commitment it took for one friend and team member to join us from Connecticut a mere 10 weeks after the birth of her third child and only five painful months after her father lost his own battle with brain cancer.

There were tears and there was laughter.

It is a weekend each year filled with mixed emotions and a weekend we appreciate, look forward to and take into our hearts with deep breaths each year.

Surrounded by old and new friends we are reminded of what and who has made this entire journey palatable and allowed us to move ahead.

We thank you. We thank those who donated to our team. We thank those who have given us unwavering emotional support. We thank those who have been standing with us since 2007 and didn’t walk away. We thank those who made sacrifices to be with us and appreciate all those who wish they were here but simply couldn’t make it. We thank you for your friendship not only through triumph but also through adversity.  We thank you!

Baby Harper giving a baby fist pump for a job well done!
Image Courtesy of Valerie Calciano

Image courtesy of Liz Stubbs Photography

2012 Team Photo
Image Courtesy Valerie Calciano

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
Albert Camus

4 thoughts on “Mad Money

    • Thanks! So glad you were able to join in this year. Wish it was for different reasons that we reconnected and so sorry that this has become a cause close to your heart too. Hugs

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