A New Home

My camera goes everywhere with me and has become an extension of my hand and a meaningful a tool in capturing our journey as much as my writing has.

I’ve tried to balance sharing my writing with my desire to share more images while respecting my readers for what it is they come here to do. Read.

However, capturing our life, this journey and what I see has become just as meaningful an exercise through my lens as it is through writing. The images and writing have become so intertwined in capturing my emotions, what I see, where we are and our life that I can’t have one without the other. Words can only express so much and an image can often speak volumes with no words.

The yin and yang of my creative expression.

My writing has a home here and my images needed one to call their own. Grey Matter Life is expanding and I’m thrilled to share with you Grey Matter Life Lens.

A photo blog that’s just that. Images. No words, no stories and no fluff.

An ever evolving work in progress, I hope you’ll pop on over, give it a look and I look forward to your comments, reactions and feedback. I welcome you to subscribe as you have to Grey Matter Life and follow along through my lens as you have with my words.




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