Headaches and Crows

Did not sleep too well last night, and woke with a huge headache. Seems like when the weather is overcast or any sign of rain, it will be a doom and gloom day for my poor little head.

Have the windows open since it is pretty breazy outside and not hot… miracles do happen finally in the south as we welcome September! Was enjoying a solid nap this morning after bringing Cooper to preschool with Merry Ann until a flock of crows decided to hang out in our backyard and raise holy hell and rile up some dog that would not stop barking… did I say I have a headache? Considered briefly dragging my lazy, tired ass out of bed to stand on the deck and yell at the wildlife like a lunatic, but thought the better of it and threw the covers over my head and instead plotted the death of the crows and fell asleep.

Off to take another nap… just can’t get enough of them. Two more days of steroids and then were done with them… while I appreciate the great work they did in keeping my brain from swelling out of my head, they sucked! Baby steps and as I said before, slow and steady wins the race.

Anyone wants to do target shooting… feel free to come over and get our crows…


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