Domestically Challenged and On My Own

Well it is official, I am on my own this week (or at least until 3pm when Paul will be home to fetch the kids) so I can nap. My friend Sarah Hoover arrives on Saturday from Tucson, AZ for five days to keep me company and then my mom arrives on Oct. 9 for another week. So this week I am attempting to tackle the domestic chores like the goddess I am… it should be a good show.

We let Merry Ann leave yesterday; although I did threaten to kidnap her since she took such great care of all of us, entertaining the boys, doing laundry, cleaning, cooking fabulous meals and just plain spoiling us. We had a great time visiting, reliving the good ‘ol days and laughing a lot which is always best for the soul.

I did manage to provide great entertainment during the week in various forms, but nothing bested my fall into the backseat of my car. (Mom… don’t freak out… all is fine, no 911 necessary). Merry Ann and I were getting the kids into the car so she could take them to the park and I could take a much needed nap. Tucker was seated and getting buckled in, but Cooper was taking forever and opening the TV/DVD, debating whose earphones were whose, and just standing next to his car seat. I already had no patience since I was just utterly exhausted and was trying to get him into his seat when I stepped up onto the running board and next thing I knew I just slipped/launched myself into the car landing between the kids seats and the front seats. I did manage to (of course, it is me we are talking about) hit my head (not too hard) on the console between the front seats with all the controls for the back seats. Feel free to begin laughing, it is ok.

So after realizing what happened and wondering how I got wedged onto the floor of my Escalade, the bad mommy curse words came a flying and I slithered out of the car and with adrenaline pumping, screamed like any lunatic mother would at Cooper to get into his seat, that there would be no movies and that if anyone did not mind their manners, listen to Miss Merry Ann, fight or touch each other there would be serious consequences to be determined later.

Now, poor Merry Ann, checked me out and realizing that I was not hurt and that the fall was more dramatic looking than physically harmful, laughed. I would have laughed too, but choose to cry instead. We did laugh about this a lot last week, but I was so tired, pissed off (who falls into their car? oh yeah, I do) sore head and guilt for yelling like a lunatic at my kids who had nothing to do with me making an ass of myself other than Cooper not getting into his car seat, my sense of humor was temporarily lost.

I took the walk of shame back into the house and slept for four hours and believe it or not… the kids were thrilled to see me when I woke up and appeared to have forgiven me for my slight mental breakdown and mommy dearest moment, what good boys!

Thanks to Tammy for taking Cooper to and from preschool this week for us, we really appreciate the help!

Going to head off to bed now since Cooper got up at 5AM this morning and it is going to be a two nap day. The patching is going great, and with the amazing power of M&M’s and his ability to choose green camo, blue or red sports theemed patches, he’s got the routine down pat and feels like he is running the show.

Hope you all had a good laugh, I know we did and are still laughing… here’s hoping your Monday is a good one.

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