One Of The Greatest Things Has To Be

Thoughtful people. Really, they are simply splendid. 

I know I write a lot about stupid people, my headaches, things that make me laugh, cry and my chaos; but what I don’t write enough about are thoughtful people.

The list is long and made up of friends, acquaintances, family, readers and nameless strangers. But in the end, regardless of who they are, I just simply don’t write enough and give credit to all the thoughtful people I’ve crossed paths with.

The funny thing about shamelessly blogging about the A-Z’s of our life, brain tumors, cancer, kids and chaos is this: As I sit here alone writing, music blaring, typing away sharing whatever is on my mind, I lose track that people actually read this.

My readers actually remember I had a bad day with a headache, my dog died, I made soup or my husband can’t fold a fitted sheet. I’ve been shocked with the number of people who email or stop me to tell me I made them laugh, ask how I am doing since it rained the day before and hope I don’t have a headache and simply tell me to keep on writing.

In the midst of the season of Thanksgiving, while we begin our annual mental pilgrimage to the state of reminding ourselves about the importance of appreciation and gratitude, here’s my small moment of acknowledging thoughtful people and the things they’ve done.

Thanks for telling me you think of me when it rains and you hope I don’t have a headache; thank you for showing concern; thanks for bringing my family dinner during a rainy week simply because you wanted to do something for us and make my day easier; thanks for your sincere smile and hug; thanks for laughing with me and at times… at me; thanks to the lady in the coffee shop who gave me my cappuccino for free “just because”, and thank you for making me laugh with napkins that say,

Enough with the damn juice boxes Mommy needs a cocktail.

Enough said…thoughtful people are simply splendid!

3 thoughts on “One Of The Greatest Things Has To Be

  1. You are an incredible person. I’m so glad you have such thoughtful people in your life ~ you deserve them! I’m also sure you are a thoughtful person in the lives of many other people. This blog and all of its contents is proof of that. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, insight, and honest feelings. I think about you daily… all the way from NJ! Say hi to my sister, Karen, for me. 🙂 Debbie
    PS LOVE the napkins.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to write. I eagerly await each entry as I know it will be witty and heartfelt. I can’t wait to do my laundry next (well, kind of) to try the fitted sheet instructions! Here’s to two straight days of sunshine!

  3. Another well timed and wonderful piece of writing Jen. I thought of you yesterday morning as I attacked a fitted sheet for the 1st time since reading your blog abt them….and watching the Martha “how to” – I still think I messed it up, but it did look better than it ever has before…..and I have you to thank for that. Seeing as the beer truck could hit any of us, any old day, your writings which guide us and teach us abt life and how to live it are helpful to us all…..and now I will be teaching Bruce how to fold those fitted sheets…and pronto! See, you really are changing the world! 🙂 Thanks and happy thanksgiving.
    -Alex Bacon

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