The Tank Revisited

Growing up, I always admired a piece of art that hung in a hallway off our kitchen titled, “The Tank”.  

A watercolor of a collection of rural mailboxes; some filled with mail and newspapers, others empty or with doors closed to the contents. Among all of them was a doorless mailbox with a military tank sitting in the shadows. It’s always been one of my favorite pieces my Mother had in her houses and if the piece doesn’t grown some legs, I hope to one day convince or bribe her to let me have it.

Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

This afternoon, in the midst of being irritated with chaos at Tucker’s school, the pile of laundry calling my name, cleaning and a beast of a headache that’s haunted me for three days; I noticed something out-of-place. As I sat at my desk to check email, I caught out of the corner of my eye my digital camera sitting on the window ledge.  Not withstanding my own memory issues and propensity for being flighty, there was no question I hadn’t left it on the window ledge.

Curious, I connected it to my computer, opened the files and got my answer.

The first image not only gave away who hijacked the camera, it was a sly reminder to keep my office door locked. Someone wasn’t quite ready to be trusted yet.

Guess who?  

Hijacker Self Portrait

Among the 50 or so images that ranged from trucks, toes, dogs, dirt and carpet, to things I couldn’t make out, he captured some pretty good images and it was fascinating to see the world through the little guys eyes.

Yet, there was one image in particular that immediately struck me. I smiled and immediately thought of “The Tank”.

While, I may have to wait and be patient for the original “The Tank” I’ve admired for 25 years to hang on my wall, this image does well to blend an unintentional interpretation within the context of the original artwork.

For the time being, this one may need to hang somewhere in my office as “The Tank Revisited”.    

The Tank Revisited

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