Observant Eyes


This morning, walking Cooper downstairs for breakfast, he looks at me concerned and says… 

Mommy, do you still have a headache?

Since we both have colds and have been a tad miserable off and on for the past few days, I assumed he was referring to our colds. 

No buddy. I feel fine this morning, just tired. Why? Do you have a headache? 

He responded with a quick No, looked confused and pointed at me. I was confused. He was confused. Then he pointed to my shirt.

In the dark of 6:15am and the blackness that filled my confused brain, I wondered how my shirt had anything to do with a headache. Confused already at 6:15am is a problematic way to start the day. I prefer to hold off on those feelings until at least 9am.    

Since I had no idea what I had on, I looked down and saw this…

Image courtesy of Cafe Press

He barely reads sight words and didn’t have his glasses on so I knew he was simply looking at the image. Damn, I thought. Creative and observant fellow! Boy did I have so many questions. Not bad questions, just questions born out of amazement, but I held my tongue so as to not freak the little fellow out.

Since he doesn’t even know that I’ve had brain surgery, I stood there in awe at his observation and contemplated how perceptive he’d become, in what felt like overnight, while I watched him waddle down the hall to the kitchen.

Note to self… Gone are the days of wearing this shirt without a sweatshirt over it.

Image courtesy of Cafe Press



3 thoughts on “Observant Eyes

  1. WOW! It’s crazy how much they pick up on, huh? Yeah, I think the days of wearing the other t-shirt might be over…although I absolutely love it!

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