I went to vote this morning. Did you?

Dragging and tired, rocking a headache from the cold front and approaching rain, all I wanted to do was get in and get out.

My goal of being in and out in no time so I could grab a quick nap was such a silly idea. Really, how silly.

Parking spaces available! No line! Happy poll workers! Bonus times 3! I was about to start boarding the happy train to a nap when I was informed that I was nowhere to be found. I’d vanished from the voter records.

How? Why? Who the hell knows.

So many questions and not one answer. Yet.  Except for waiting in line for three hours, there were no problems in 2008 and I was happily listed along with my husband in the voter rolls.

Instead of in and out and off for a nap to rest my pounding head, I’ve been bird dogging a resolution to my vanished voter record. Calling state and county offices, shooting out emails and demanding answers to all my questions.

Paul, always the provider of a good laugh and solid perspective, came through again.

After listening to my rants about all this he laughed.

Not at the situation, but at me.

He said it was pretty ironic that over the past three years I’ve not only had to face a diagnosis of a brain tumor but also face the ideas of death and dying that come with it. Then, off I go to vote, alive and well, only to discover that I’ve vanished. He said he couldn’t help but find a bit of humor in it.

Whatever, funny guy.

Maybe all the laundry has vanished too? Maybe they can use their vanishing mojo to vanish my headache or brain tumor while they’re at it? 

For sure, aside from my vanished voter record, 100% of my nap time has vanished since I’ve been awaiting return phone calls from election officials who swear they’re working on this, will call me back and assure me that my vote counts!

Flag Flying Off Our Porch

5 thoughts on “Vanished

  1. You know what’s funny? Arlington County VA has TWO of me: Laura Elizabeth Wooster Baldwin and Laura Wooster Baldwin. I guess I am the only married person with a middle name in the county. I thought I had fixed this problem in the 2008 election, but sure enough, I am two people once again. And auctioning off one of my votes to the biggest donor 🙂

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