I Declare!

Why do you get headaches? Did they tell you that you would get headaches?

Hum… A piece of skull was removed from my head, brain cut out, skull reattached and my scalp stapled back together. I didn’t ask, I figured headaches were sort of  expected. 

Headaches are like the gift that keeps on giving. Sort of a sick reminder that you’re still alive and high functioning enough that they still totally piss you off.

3 thoughts on “I Declare!

  1. I’ve said it before, but I love your humor! I always get headaches…usually before rain. I’m definitely NOT trying to even compare to yours, but UGH…sometimes I’m ready to knock on my head with a baseball bat! Get rid of the headache, knock some sense into me, knock some of my memory back…and maybe some math skills too! 🙂

    BTW…Goodness I totally don’t remember the bats at Phi Phi, but I soooo would know what to do with one…how to get it out! I’m like the freaking BAT WHISPERER!

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