When A Cheerleader Speaks, I Listen. Then, I Laugh.

The boys, dogs and I are back from our Florida adventure and needless to say, I don’t recommend a 8.5 hour drive with two dogs and two kids. To say we provided circus like entertainment on our pit-stops would be an understatement and I couldn’t have been more pleased to see the smog ridden Atlanta skyline rising from the horizon as I prayed we’d get through the downtown connector before the 3:30pm crawl began last Tuesday.

I’m tired.

I’m getting lonely.

I miss my husband.

I am becoming acutely aware of the challenges the distance between Atlanta and his job in St. Petersburg pose for us.

Yet, our wrecking crew has unpacked and we’re settling back into normal. Whatever the hell that is, but I just felt like something needed to be called normal.

After days hanging out with the boys on our evening “movie night camp outs”, my bed is now littered with crumbs from popcorn and animal crackers; none of which I can see, but feel when I lay down every night; the dogs have conspired in adopting my bed as theirs and while I’d like to believe I’m winning the king bed real estate game, I think it is a crap shoot at this point.

So where does the Cheerleader come into play? In the midst of my day, I had some emails that were simply splendid, made me laugh, smile and be grateful for friendship and the bold support that friends often provide.

My friend Kristen, college sorority sister, has joined up with my team Babes with Brains for the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation 11th Annual Race for Research, July 24th here in Atlanta. Kristen began her appeal to raise funds and inspire others to join us on her Facebook account today and her campaign is one-of-a-kind and I love it! Here is a snip-it of her running commentary from Facebook.

Ok – begging for dollars time! Please help me in my quest to raise funds for the slowest 5k EVER run in support of my friend Jen, and the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation Race for Research. Jen has been battling what she calls “the piece of shit in her head” and we are raising funds so that it gets the hint and goes the hell away. Tumors are so annoying.

Jen (the Fame Whore) said that I should feel free to post her blog on here. I read it all of the time and it is GREAT. Thus, to recap: brain tumors. give us money. running really slow. Again: money, please. P.S.-our team name is “Babes with Brains”. I tried to get “Super Hot Slow Running Mamas who Think that Cancer and Tumors are Assholes and We Hate Them” but it didn’t fit on the T-shirt.


Everyone needs a Cheerleader like Kristen – former cheerleader turned successful attorney – and I’m grateful for her humor, her support and her tenacity.

Bring it on girlfriend.

As a throwback to college, I’ll be collecting paint pens so we can all decorate the wine bottles the bunch of us will polish off after we’re done running.

So tonight, I’m not so bothered with the crumbs in my bed or the dogs I’ll fight for prime sleeping real estate or how tired I’ll be tomorrow, my headache, how much I miss my husband and how lonely it is around here. Tonight, I’m happy that a Cheerleader made me laugh and reminded me how lucky I am.

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