Recipe For Nuts: Soon To Be Loco…

Grab yourself a beer, glass of wine or your favorite cocktail and join me for a few minutes.

Our smiling villagers are officially done with school and while Tucker has taken to spending the past few hours completing his math workbook (what can I say the dude likes his math), it’s fair to say that our ‘party’ has begun.

The music’s blaring downstairs and my little fellows are busting out some original moves to the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, Zombie Nation and as a tribute to our beloved Red Sox, a little Neil Diamond. Be still my heart!  

So let the games begin and get the party started.

Before all the Brain Tumor shit, we always said life was an adventure. It still is and boy do I have a new one to drag my jolly, crazy brood along on.

Drum Roll Please!

Are you ready for it?

We’re moving…

… to Florida! St. Petersburg to be specific.

One of the few states I said I’d prefer not live in, but hell the no State Income Tax benefit is certainly a plus. Somehow, co-existing with alligators doesn’t seem to endear me to the state, but I am willing to learn.

As a rule, I’ve never written or commented about the details of Paul’s career since it is just not fair. The poor guy has enough to handle with me blogging about everything else we do on our merry little Brain Tumor Adventure, so his livelihood is spared from public view.

With that said… life is going to get interesting. We’re heading down in a few days to move Paul’s closet into his corporate apartment, check out the area and spend some much needed time at the beach. The ultimate end game post summer is for the boys and I to stay here in Atlanta for the 2010-2011 school year and pull the trigger on our relocation next summer. The reasoning is a bit complicated, centering primarily with the boys unique educational needs, and certainly not a decision that’s right for every family, but it’s right for us now.

It’s going to be challenging and quite the adjustment and if you spy me rocking in the fetal position at Costco, have no fear. I’ll be just fine. I hope.

Nevertheless, aside from our now intricately scheduled calendars, travel and flight schedules, planning a late summer vacation and contemplating at what point I really can’t handle anymore on my plate… we’re taking this new adventure one day at a time.

So… here’s to celebrating a rising second grader, a preschool graduate, the money train to Florida, successfully keeping my sanity in check, great friends, neighbors, family, craziness and of course to good health.


4 thoughts on “Recipe For Nuts: Soon To Be Loco…

  1. Wow! Big news! Lots of change. I echo Sabrina when I tell you to please call on me to help in any way also. Jason travels every week so I understand what it’s like being a single mom. Please invite me when you have the wine by the fire pit. That sounds fabulous! Congratulations to Paul and the rest of you! We will miss you and Holland will miss Cooper but glad we have time for a long goodbye.

  2. I am excited for you guys but will miss you all! At least we have another year and I am here if you need anything. As I told you before, my husband travels a lot so our talked about wine by the fire pit might need to become a frequent reality for our sanity 🙂

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