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What We Saw

We ventured out today to fetch some needed groceries. Staples like more eggs, sandwich makings, bribery candy, yogurt and anything that would fit in my backpack.   We walked. The exercise was great and we survived at least a half-dozen near wipe outs on the ice and the boys ate enough snow and ice to keep them … Continue reading

Summing Up A Year

2010 has been a year of tumultuous change for our family and yet, in the end, it’s been a year filled with immeasurable rewards.   We’ve carved out one hell of a road this year and I’d do it again. While we’ve followed the path least traveled, in the end, we’re closing 2010 with a stronger … Continue reading

The Fitted Sheet

I think it’s impossible as a mother to be diagnosed with anything life threatening and not immediately look at your husband and feel like you need to train him. Train him in all the things you do everyday, all the things you think about, all the things you would potentially do that he should do; … Continue reading

Picking Your Battles

I had to remind myself this morning that some battles are not worth fighting. Cooper, bounding into my office in his underwear, announced to me and the dogs that he was ready to get dressed. I was thrilled with his initiative.  When I suggested that I would help him get the clothes, he responded that … Continue reading

In Case I Forgot…

I am reminded that we live with boys when the soap dispenser is filled with toothpaste. Certainly makes for unsuccessful hand washing. Happy Friday.

Streaking the Sandbox

I used to think parents were ridiculous and slightly self absorbed when they stated what little Jane or Johnny was going to be like when they got older. That was before kids and before I had two boys. Silly me. As I peered out the kitchen window down into the yard watching the kids on … Continue reading

Ramblings of a Recovering Mom…

I must start by saying that I really have no complaints… we have been blessed with outstanding deliveries of home cooked meals, support and love from family and friends and of course a shared sense of humor between myself and the masses! There has been a curiosity as to what I have been up to, … Continue reading