Picking Your Battles

I had to remind myself this morning that some battles are not worth fighting. Cooper, bounding into my office in his underwear, announced to me and the dogs that he was ready to get dressed. I was thrilled with his initiative. 

When I suggested that I would help him get the clothes, he responded that he had already picked them out. Great, I thought. I told him to go ahead and get dressed and let me know if he needed help. 

Off he went, bounding down the hall to his room. 

When he returned, I knew I had a choice to make; pretend his mismatched selections looked amazing, or insist he change all his clothes. I settled for something in the middle suggesting that he put on either blue or tan shorts instead. My suggestion did not go over well. All I got in response was, “I love this… my friends will love it too!” 

Well, my little buddy, I bet they will… but maybe not in the way you’re thinking they will. Good luck with that today.

It was painful to let him wear such a tragic outfit, but I had to remind myself that it was really not an important battle. He was at least clean, had clean clothes on and as such, I decided to let him rest on his laurels and be proud that he dressed himself in such finery.

So, if you see this child, have no fear… he does have a mother. He just happens to have a mother who thinks he looks like a fool but decided today not to fight the “You look like a fool, go change your clothes” battle.    


3 thoughts on “Picking Your Battles

  1. wish i had read this one before paige got dressed this morning…i chose to fight the fight, felt the guilt all day long and then read this. so thanks for yet another phenomenal post!!

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