Adventures of a Pot of Chili

Last Sunday I entered my pot of chili in the preschool’s 1st annual Chili Cook Off. I placed third and thoroughly enjoyed my prize from the bake sale table… a sumptuous red velvet cupcake from Divine Cupcakes. YUM!

Being a preschool fundraiser, it would not have been complete with out a visit from the Fire Department who arrived with their aerial ladder and engine trucks and an ambulance in tow.  The kids were in awe, it was a success.  

When the pack of firemen arrived at my table, I joked with them that they had to eat my chili and of course vote for it and hey, maybe I’d make them some and bring it by the station. Pitiful to be offering bribes to get ahead in a preschool chili cook-off, but hey, oven mitts were on… this was a competition!   

Well, those handsome firemen kept coming back for more, spreading the gospel about my chili and guess what happened? They came back to my table and asked me if they could take me up on my offer to make the whole Firehouse chili. Of course I had offered, although kind of jokingly, but never thought they would take me up on it, silly me.

So, surprise, surprise, I am now making chili for Firehouse 63 in Johns Creek, GA to be delivered tomorrow night at 5PM.  The boys are over the moon and of course it’s become a family event and we’ve added homemade cookies and corn bread to the menu.  While my boys are all out buying copious amounts of ground beef, hot Italian sausage and other ingredients that I’ll need to start cooking, I’m getting my kitchen organized and of course blogging all about it.  

Simply the best part about the whole thing is this… Tomorrow is my 35th Birthday.

As a advocate for the simple pleasures of life (see post: Cupcakes, Burgers & Beer), I can’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate my birthday. Cooking and serving up a pot of chili and cookies for extraordinary heroes serving our community, heroes my boys idolize and admire, making memories we’ll surely never forget is truly a simple pleasure.    

Stay tuned for photos and tales from the 2009 Firehouse Chili Birthday Extravaganza!

4 thoughts on “Adventures of a Pot of Chili

  1. Happy Birthday Jen! Your soooo young 🙂
    I loved the blog entry…what fun! I am telling Brian about your Chili cook off when he gets off the phone…happy cooking!!!! love-Sarah

  2. Happy Birthday tomorrow Jennifer! Sounds like you will be in your element…cooking and making people happy! I know your real motivation though is another peek at the beefcake! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday, girl! #35 isn’t too bad. I do think a few more brain cells went out the door when I celebrated mine! Wink!

    I love that your family is hosting a meal for the firehouse! How fun! I know that my kids would be over the moon to be involved in such a fun event! You are so sweet to host!

    And since you placed, I’d love to have your famous chili recipe! I could eat chili every day, since it has been downright ugly here (rain, wind, cold) ! 😦

  4. You are awesome! That’s great of you to make chili for them (and a VERY clever way to get some appreciation from those really good-looking guys, I must say). 😉 I had a great time at the cook-off. Thank you SO much for all your help! Your chili was excellent.

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