Day 1: Year 35

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I’m too damn tired to think or explain in any form the fun we had today… so I simply wrote a list. I will attempt to be more creative in the very near future when my brain is functioning again. I. Need. Sleep.

6AM: Feed crazy hungry dogs, let them out and pray boys stay sleeping through the mayhem. Never works…

6:30  Get up and brew coffee, watch cartoons with boys and read my birthday cards.

7:00  Drink copious amounts of coffee and make homemade waffles.

9:00  Stop by Fire Station and confirm chili dinner delivery.

9:15  Tucker’s Baseball game

11-12:45  Home playing in yard, riding bikes, playing baseball & lunch… Can I get a nap?

1:00  Cooper’s T-Ball Game… almost fell asleep on blanket in the grass watching… so damn tired. Can I get my nap yet?

3:00  Bake buttermilk corn bread and chocolate chip and M&M cookies for Firemen

4:15  Shower (finally) and heat up chili in pot so it is ready to serve

5:00  Deliver chili, hang out with Firemen while all my boys explore the station and trucks… total blast!

6:00  Home and into my sweats, so sad!

6:45  Family Dinner! King Crab Legs and homemade (by Paul) cheese cake for dessert! YUM! Tucker ate the crab, but Cooper refused and ate a hot dog… go figure.

8:15… Reading boys bedtime books and ready to crash into bed myself… so sad!


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