Ramblings of a Recovering Mom…

I must start by saying that I really have no complaints… we have been blessed with outstanding deliveries of home cooked meals, support and love from family and friends and of course a shared sense of humor between myself and the masses! There has been a curiosity as to what I have been up to, how I am doing, feeling, etc… the general “what do you do all day”?

Our days generally start around 5:45am when Cooper (3yrs) decides that the world needs to come to attention and breakfast needs to be served. He is promptly given animal crackers, juice and a place on the couch to enjoy the educational early am experience of PBS while Paul and I go back to bed. Tucker is up usually around 6:20, gets himself dressed in what he picked out for himself the night before (often a mis-matched pattern of shorts and t-shirts) but he gets an A for effort and he thinks he looks great, so whatever. He eats breakfast, gets his shoes and backpack and we are on the front step (coffee in hand) waiting for the school bus which collects him at 6:59am.

Now for those of you who know me, know… I am SO not a morning person, never have been. I was the one who did not take classes before noon in college, listened to friends laugh at me when one of my first corporate jobs out of college started at 7:30am… and then went onto have two boys who have skillfully skimmed minutes and hours from so many mornings. However, I have been able to get up most mornings fairly well rested during the recovery and enjoy the morning routine and sending Tucker off to school. It is a great moment that Paul and I share with him each morning, a family experience that we never had before, memories and smiles and a happy kindergartener – a new perspective is powerful and I have come to enjoy the early AM and the sunrise in Atlanta.

I read the Wall Street Journal every day. I did before the surgery, while I did it much faster, it has been a part of my routine. However, I now have to approach it with a greater sense of humor and perspective since I tend to start one article and then realize that I have moved onto another and need to remember what one I started with, but nevertheless, it is good for the head and gets the brain working. I give myself about two hours to get through it all with a hot cup of coffee, and my corner leather chair and my loyal labs (Tank and Toby) warming my feet.

By mid morning, I am starting to get beat down tired and ready for my pain meds, and this is when I realize the power of healing and how profound a task it is for your body. There is no negotiations to be had, and the message everyday is very clear… go to bed, rest and repair or else. Hence, I have checked my pride at the door and realize that I don’t call the shots right now, my body does and I better listen. I have become a convert to the indulgence of baths everyday and taking time to take care of me. Why did I never do this before?

I have enjoyed little outings with friends generous to collect me at my house and take me out for coffee and lunch, or as I emailed my friend this morning, any desperate housewife errand she would want company for… I can at least provide a constant supply of entertainment for a free ride.

A sense of humor and perspective have been critical for us and while we know that the path we are now on will be a long, winding and challleging one, we know that it can not be taken without an enormous amount of gratitude, senese of humor, perspective, positive attitude and the compassion and support of those around us. If you have no chaos in your life, you have no idea about calm. I have a greater appreciation for my chaos and my calm and understand that they both bring out the best in you.

Have a great day… I am off to take a nap!

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