Streaking the Sandbox

Streaking the yard, circa 2008

Streaking the yard, circa 2008

I used to think parents were ridiculous and slightly self absorbed when they stated what little Jane or Johnny was going to be like when they got older. That was before kids and before I had two boys. Silly me.

As I peered out the kitchen window down into the yard watching the kids on Saturday evening a glimpse of my boys future passed before me.  Stripping off his clothes, running naked to the sandbox, being cheered on by his older brother and three friends with arms raised and wildly chanting “yeah, go, yeah, go…”, Cooper stands on top of a bench and dives into the sandbox like a seal into the water to the cheers of his laughing audience. Simultaneously I’m yelling at him to get his clothes and get into the house.  

A very sandy and dirty Cooper appeared with clothes in hand at the top of the deck stairs as I stood with my arms crossed shaking my head.  “What were you thinking?” I belted out.  “Whaaaaat?” with a grin says Cooper.   

Here’s hoping we’re not as screwed as I think we are.

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