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The Life In-Between

The Life In-Between

Since the CNN piece aired, I’ve been asked to explain how I found the courage and strength to face all this.   How do you explain something that you’re not even sure your successfully accomplishing? What I feel and believe is that I am working with the cards I was dealt and I’m moving forward. I take life one day at … Continue reading

CNN Human Factor Blog Post

CNN Human Factor Blog Post

Below is the blog post I wrote for the CNN Human Factor piece that aired this morning. You can find it here as well. ******** June 20, 2007 we began living a new life. In a brief moment, the world stopped spinning and a resounding smack signaled the closure of the life we knew. Nothing … Continue reading

Today Is For Me

I’m exhausted today. I’ve done it to myself and have no one else to blame. I created for myself a day full of enough activity, nesting, cleaning, projects and anything I can think of on purpose.   It’s an introspective day for me and one I’ve been able to completely spend alone thanks to the boys … Continue reading

Coming Clean

In light of the chaos that ensued yesterday which ultimately necessitated my being admitted to the hospital, my ability to maintain a secret neatly bundled in a private package has suddenly gotten more difficult.  Yesterday was the second time I participated in Emory’s Doctor for a Day. A program for corporate and community leaders to … Continue reading

Unexpected Monday Discoveries

In the midst of an unrelated online search this morning, I came upon myself. How ’bout them apples!   Funny thing is that I didn’t even know the piece was out there. I’ve done a few interviews and a photo shoot over the past 9 months relating to my diagnosis, our journey with my brain tumor … Continue reading


It was going to be awkward having to tell all of you who’ve been praying, thinking of us, crossing fingers, sending well wishes and good vibes that you didn’t put enough effort into it all. Good thing I don’t have to have THAT conversation with you. Now that would’ve been awkward. We’re boasting a 12-0 … Continue reading


  I’m dreading my MRI tomorrow.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this process is like playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun. I’ve managed to survive 11 empty chambers and now I’ll wait tomorrow to see if the 12th chamber will serve up a blank or a bullet. Thank God for sedation and the lingering after effects … Continue reading

Game Face

Wouldn’t you know that these dudes would entertain, provide drama of all kinds and successfully distract their mom from anything related to her MRI and brain tumor. When you’re refereeing, busting up fights, laughing until your gut’s going to bust and focusing on avoiding injuries and the ER; there’s no time to think about MRI’s.      


The Magical Magnetic Adventure, no. 12 has been booked. Definitely not a trip to Disney, but with an IV cocktail for claustrophobia it’s certainly a trip somewhere. 1pm on 11.11.10, the tour begins. As a bonus, the tour, free of charge, includes a blow-by-blow blog post of any misadventures once I sober up. For your reading entertainment, previous magical … Continue reading


730 days ago tomorrow, everything changed. I signed on the dotted line. Page after page of dotted lines I signed. Thinking all the while that I must have already lost my damn mind. It had to be good and gone if I was willing to give someone the opportunity and privilege to remove a piece … Continue reading

Lawn Art

Having absolutely nothing to do with a brain tumor, this post is a glimpse into what has become of my evenings after said brain tumor and husband working and living out-of-state for the past three months.  Meet my new late night visitors and friends…   I know these fellows. They have no names, but we’ve become pals. The funny thing … Continue reading


In my post Tactical Diversions and Spontaneous Entertainment, I promised to share more about what my “Magical Magnetic” experiences are like and give you a sneak peek. I hate to disappoint, but I have no superpowers yet. I still get smoked in Mario Karts by Tucker and to Paul’s disappointment, magnets when tossed at me, … Continue reading