Lawn Art

Having absolutely nothing to do with a brain tumor, this post is a glimpse into what has become of my evenings after said brain tumor and husband working and living out-of-state for the past three months. 

Meet my new late night visitors and friends…


I know these fellows. They have no names, but we’ve become pals.

The funny thing is that they really do have a connection to this damn piece of shit brain tumor. Our first encounter was after one of my post surgery MRI’s in the fall of 2008. Coming home after dark, in my narcotic induced stupor, I practically stepped on one as I stumbled very gracefully up the front walk. While I’ve seen them many times in the past two years, they’ve grabbed my attention greatly in the past three months.  

Having nothing better to do with my time late at night, I tend to look out the front windows more often while walking through the house delivering laundry upstairs or simply just wandering around. All the while, an interesting little pattern has emerged with my little friends. 

Like clockwork, I peer out around 11:30pm and see little toad statues standing in our front lawn every night. As pathetic as it may be, I often go outside and say hello. Tonight, I took pictures for the boys who love the morning updates on our resident toads. 

For my neighbors… who were wondering what the hell the flash photography was… I’m not a mental case taking photos of my lawn at 11:30 at night. I’m just bored and hanging out with my toads and taking photos for my kids.   

My new evening ritual is rather entertaining and a bit of distraction from the quiet in the house. It is as if these fellows know I’m just a tad bit lonely. I appreciate and look forward to their visit each night; same time, same spots on the lawn. I like predictable and I like my new friends.

6 thoughts on “Lawn Art

  1. You are sooooo cute! I loved this post. I really do believe animals are a sign for us in many different ways and love that you have made such loyal, protective friends.

  2. Wonderful Jenn! I trust you’ve named them.
    Who knows……odds are high they are writing about you in their froggy blog too!! Life would probably be better for us all if we not only stopped to smell the roses, but stopped to talk to frogs along the way! You’re the best!

  3. I think they are guarding you!!! (or as Casey on The Bachelorette would say “guarding and protecting your heart”) I really do think they are watching out for you!! Your little silent warriors protecting the front door!!

  4. I love this post! I sometimes wonder if I am a crazy animal nut job, but when I hear that others often STOP To WATCH THE…errr…Toads…I don’t feel so wacky! I prefer animals with fur, but ….Ha, ha! Glad you are just stopping to enjoy. We don’t do enough of this and it really is just peaceful!

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