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Our CNN Debut

The CNN piece is a wrap. Baby Harper joined our ranks a mere 36 hours after filming and the last words from my interview with Sanjay were uttered. Photos have been taken, my blog has been written and submitted to the editors and the producers have pieced it all together. Now we count down the minutes. It’s … Continue reading

Emerging From The Fog With Wings

Emerging From The Fog With Wings

We’re one week into our new life as a family of five, and thus far, from what I can remember of our week, it’s not been too bad. Aside from one day we’ll just file away as an epic fail, we’re plugging along and grabbing sleep when we can. Clearly, Harper splurges on sleep more … Continue reading

Summing It Up

Summing It Up

They came, we conquered and I’m exhausted beyond words. So tired, in fact, that I haven’t even been able to motivate to write this as I’ve been admiring my swollen ankles and actually taking naps! That’s tired folks. I’ve actually embraced the state of being lazy and damn it is a beautiful place! 12 days and counting… then no more … Continue reading

Support Brains and Babes!

The 12th Annual Race for Research is a mere 22 days away! Can’t be with us? Love to run or walk? Want to support a great cause and make a difference? Buy our team shirt, wear it and run or walk on July 23rd in support of Team Babes with Brains, brain tumor research and my journey … Continue reading

Today Is For Me

I’m exhausted today. I’ve done it to myself and have no one else to blame. I created for myself a day full of enough activity, nesting, cleaning, projects and anything I can think of on purpose.   It’s an introspective day for me and one I’ve been able to completely spend alone thanks to the boys … Continue reading

Big Steps

An extension of our journey begins tomorrow. I’ve been keeping this to myself for quite some time. Not quite sure how to share and not quite sure how it all would be received, I’ve kept my mouth shut.  From the outset, in the first moments I wondered if I was being “Punked”and an MTV crew … Continue reading

Beautiful Coincidence

We scheduled our daughters delivery, via C-section, weeks ago. The date worked well with our summer schedules and it was also the date my OB was available. Aside from that, it’s simply been a date on our calendars and a date we are all excitedly counting down to. Through the course of conversation via email, … Continue reading

To Overcome

I, and we have overcome quite a bit these last few years. Obviously the brain tumor is on the top of the list, but the list is long and filled with a lot of challenges we or I’ve managed to overcome.   To say the journey is complete, there are no daily challenges or emotional … Continue reading

Making It Up As I Go Along

I’m not sure I’d really want an instruction book for life if one existed. The existence and possession of one would likely serve to only remind me of all the things that I’m failing at or doing wrong. Yet, there are times when having one to reference would, at the very least, be helpful. Not too much gets me flustered, but … Continue reading


In the midst of living comfortably in our ‘normal’ and willingly sharing the emotions of our journey along the way, I still get caught off guard and it’s not always a bad thing.  While I don’t share all that I write and I don’t share all that is our life and my every single feeling … Continue reading

Sharing The Gift Of Life

  I’ve been an organ donor since I got my driver’s license at 16. It entirely made sense 20 years ago to become an organ donor. My parents were donors and so I became one. Quite frankly, I don’t think I spent much time thinking about the meaning and significance of the gesture of becoming … Continue reading


I can hear my mother’s voice in my head as I type right now.   Ohhhhh, Jen… What are you thinking? You have your hands full already! I’m worried about you, what are you going to do with another one!  Sorry Mom. I love you, but what can I say… if it’s meant to be, it’s … Continue reading