Our CNN Debut

The CNN piece is a wrap. Baby Harper joined our ranks a mere 36 hours after filming and the last words from my interview with Sanjay were uttered. Photos have been taken, my blog has been written and submitted to the editors and the producers have pieced it all together. Now we count down the minutes.

It’s simultaneously exciting and nerve wrecking and it was an honor to work with everyone. A special thank you goes out to Miriam, Sanjay, the various camera crews and countless other members of Miriam’s team who worked on this behind the scenes. Thank you.

We’re holding our breath in anticipation. Pending no breaking news, here are the air times for TV and online:

CNN: Tuesday, August 16th @ 8:50AM, (2-3 minute video piece)

CNN & Headline News Re-air: Friday, August 19 – Sunday, August 21. Multiple air times TBD each day

CNN Online: A longer version (4-5 minute video piece) will air with my blog post accompanying it. This will be the permanent piece on the CNN website. I’ll also put this video link here on the blog when it is available.

This experience has been as equally extraordinary as it’s been daunting. We’re preparing to step out into a place far beyond the scope and exposure of this blog. I’d be lying if I said that my eyes weren’t wide open in anticipation and that I didn’t feel a bit vulnerable with this impending exposure. 

Whether the portrayal of our journey thus far is well received by the masses or we’re met with critique from those who disagree, question or challenge how we’ve approached living and embracing our lives with my brain tumor; it’s out of my control and I need to keep my head up.

Thumbs up or thumbs down from the masses, we’re secure in how we’ve set out to live our life post diagnosis, how we’ve faced what I’ve lovingly termed “The Piece of Shit” and most importantly, we’re comfortable with the path we’ve carved out for ourselves.

Our path may not be the same path others aspire to or want, however, we’re doing our best to live life, move on, embrace stability and look beyond the fear and horror of my diagnosis. We are blessed and we are happy. Our life is about quality not quantity and we would not change a thing.

Nothing about my brain tumor has been easy and as we’ve navigated through dark days into the peace we’ve found in embracing the unpredictable nature of my diagnosis and my current stability, we’ve found encouragement with the opportunity CNN has presented us to share our journey and possibly provide hope and strength to others.   

There’s no guidebook that walks you through how to move on with your life after a brain tumor diagnosis. To a great extent I’ve viewed it simply as an epic battle for survival where you’re forced to forage and create your own weapons and devise your own battle plan. Four years post diagnosis and nearly three years post surgery, we’re secure in our battle plan, life is good and we are blessed.  

Whether you have been along for the roller coaster ride with us these past four years, or you just began following along, we welcome you to grab a cup of coffee and share a few minutes with us. We look forward to “virtually” seeing you Tuesday morning.

Thank you for your support.  Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Our CNN Debut

  1. You are an inspiration to all women or anyone with the challenge you had and what lies ahead.

    God bless you and yours.
    Elaine Coughlin (Kathy Bennett’s Mom

  2. I believe Harper waited to arrive until after filming was over to make sure she was in every shot. 🙂 I can’t tell you how much I admire the courage it took to be so vulnerable and expose yourself to millions of people. Seriously, Keener, it’s a big deal. Love you.

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