Emerging From The Fog With Wings

We’re one week into our new life as a family of five, and thus far, from what I can remember of our week, it’s not been too bad. Aside from one day we’ll just file away as an epic fail, we’re plugging along and grabbing sleep when we can.

Clearly, Harper splurges on sleep more than we do, but we’ll give her some slack since baby girl needs to gain weight and grow. On the flip side, maybe a strong cocktail of sleep deprivation and nursing will knock some pounds off my ass a little faster. 

Our third has proven to be a charm. Not to say the boys were difficult, but whether it’s simply that I’m too damn exhausted to know the difference anymore or that I can’t see the trees through the fog of life with a newborn, two active boys and deprivation of my senses, Harper has eased into our lives with what seems like greater ease. We’re only one week in, so who am I kidding… right?  

Cognitively speaking, clearly I’m faring better than post brain surgery, however, I’m operating at baseline levels. Bear with us and bear with me… I’ll post again soon and once the neurological connections start to fire back up and I get a bit more sleep, I’ll be back on the keyboard rambling on about this and that and everything in-between.

In the meantime, we’re here and we’re surviving with smiles (most days) and our days are beginning to bear a resemblance to the chaotic, insane and normal we know and love so much. The fog is lifting and I’ll leave you with this image.

Granted I’m a sentimental, hormonal, mother of three, recently weaned off narcotics for pain management and running a 24/7 milk farm, the symbolism of this could not be missed.

As I headed out onto the deck this afternoon to peak a look into my garden, I caught sight of this beautiful butterfly in “Cooper’s” tree; one of two trees we planted in our yard for each of our boys when we moved into our house 5 years ago.

The butterfly, in-case you’re not aware, symbolizes hope for cancer patients and a symbol we use in the brain tumor community to symbolize hope and longevity of life for all affected.

Hope indeed.

Thanks for visiting us today beautiful butterfly. Your serene presence gave me perspective, filled my heart with peace and gave me wings to fly forward.  

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