Summing It Up

They came, we conquered and I’m exhausted beyond words.

So tired, in fact, that I haven’t even been able to motivate to write this as I’ve been admiring my swollen ankles and actually taking naps! That’s tired folks. I’ve actually embraced the state of being lazy and damn it is a beautiful place! 12 days and counting… then no more lazy, so I might as well take it all in now.  

Another year and another successful Race for Research under our belts. Babes with Brains raised over $9,500 and we’re very grateful for the outpouring of support and donations that we received. THANK YOU! It was an outstanding year and we are blessed!

The weekend afforded us the opportunity to connect with Amy and Kathy, friends and fellow domestic goddesses from Charlotte who made the trip down to Atlanta for the weekend. Laura, Kristen and Mark joined us again from D.C and NYC respectively and then we were blessed with our local friends and teammates who rounded out the weekend. We missed Jared and Stephanie who couldn’t swing their schedules and make it from NYC and Karen and Andrew who were on a family beach vacation that conflicted with the race this year. We’ll see you all next year!!!

A lot of cooking was had and believe it or not, I enjoyed every minute barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen dishing it all out. While I didn’t quite end up on the floor in tears laughing like I did at last years post race party, I did nearly wet my pants at least twice laughing… so that counts for something!

Race day, is always filled with emotions and I try to balance between two extremes of being humbled by the support of those friends who travel, get up early to come out and support us and the emotions the revolve around simply being a brain tumor patient and why we are there each year.

This year, with a CNN cameraman and executive producer following me around while I wore a wireless microphone, it was certainly a unique experience and one for the memory books. I joked with them when they hooked my mic up if they’d do me a favor and ignore all the trips I made to the port a potty… We all laughed and I was assured none of that would make the final audio cut.

Whew! It was surreal weekend and I took it all in and appreciated each and every moment.

There’s really nothing more touching than having people come from near and far to support you. Four years ago I had no idea of the journey ahead. Hell, I could barely consider what the next day had in store let alone the challenges, profound lows and the exuberance of the joys we would experience.

I had no idea that beyond my family I would look around me four years later and be humbled by such support and love from friends near and far. We’re grateful and we’re thankful. For those friends who have stood the test of time and those we’ve reconnected with in the past few years and have stepped up to the plate, you have all chosen to walk with us on our journey and for that we say a humble thank you.

2011 Race In Images

Pre-Race Team Photo

Hello Camera

Tucker Finishing the Race

Aw, Shucks...Thanks!

Finishing the Walk

Third Place Individual Fundraiser

The Good Doctor... Costas and I post speech and awards

Proud Cooper

Lafayette Girls... Laura, Kristen and I

Charlotte Domestic Goddesses Reuinited! Amy, Kathy and I

Sweet Sabrina and I

2011 Team Photo... Missing Kelly, Lauren, Holly, Brian, Karen, Andrew, Costas, Jared & Stephanie!

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