Beautiful Coincidence

We scheduled our daughters delivery, via C-section, weeks ago. The date worked well with our summer schedules and it was also the date my OB was available. Aside from that, it’s simply been a date on our calendars and a date we are all excitedly counting down to.

Through the course of conversation via email, I came upon an extraordinary and unexpected beautiful coincidence after I shared our daughters scheduled delivery date.

Our daughter, assuming she doesn’t arrive early, will share a birthday with someone closely connected to my life and hers.

“What a great day! August 8th is my b-day.” He wrote.

I could hardly believe it and my eyes welled up with tears.

How do I articulate the random coincidence that feels as if it was the result of architects of a higher power. Is it simply that fate happens this way?

What can I say? What do I say?

The journey to where we are today, nearly three years after surgery and with just over 8 weeks remaining until we welcome our daughter, could not have happened without this individual. Our journey as a family moving forward can not happen without this individual.

He was the impetus for our forward motion post surgery and has been a constant figure encouraging us to keep moving ahead with our heads up and remain optimistic. When I didn’t think I could, his was the voice of support and reason who challenged me to embrace and celebrate my stability.

He delivered to us the worst news imaginable which has grown to be one of the greatest opportunities and experiences my life has afforded me.

He bears the responsibility for maintaining my health, keeping me alive within the confines, definitions and beliefs we’ve all agreed upon and is who my family will turn to one day for guidance.

It was he who I asked, with trepidation, if we were irresponsible to attempt at having another child.

It was he who responded with an emphatic NO and encouraged us to yet again embrace stability and live our lives and move forward.

It is he who, after my husband, was the first to know of my pregnancy and who yet again provided encouragement. Yes, this is wonderful news and yes, this is what stability is about. Live life. Embrace it all.

On some level, his life as well as that of our daughter are already entwined in the history of the courage and journey that has brought us to where we are today.

He has become a friend to my husband and I and thus it seems fitting, in the most random of beautiful coincidences, that we anticipate our daughter share her birthday with my Neurosurgeon.

An unexpected, yet now a seemingly natural extension of the blessing of our entire experience.  A beautiful coincidence.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Coincidence

  1. That’s a great story / reality. What a blessing, and yes, it’s surely significant! I enjoyed reading this wonderful tribute to your neurosurgeon.

  2. I love reading your stuff Jen! It is such a breath of fresh air because it is so raw and real! You help me gain perspective on MY life and I just wanted to thank you for sharing yours! I feel like I know you through your writing, and I have not seen you in almost 20 years!

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