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nourish: Red Curry Coconut Noodles

Paul arrived home this weekend (YEAH) and since neither of us had the motivation or energy to rally for a sitter and date night, we settled in at home with the boys for a casual dinner and movie night.  Having a craving for one of our favorite dishes, Red Curry Coconut Noodles and the creamy, savory and spicy heaven it delivers in … Continue reading

nourish: Enchiladas Verdes

Who would have thought a photo of a mess of a dinner sans the recipe would cause such an uproar. I mean a happy uproar of sorts. Sorry folks, I didn’t mean to tease you all yesterday. In response, I’ve spent some time today racking my brain, a task in and of itself and pulled … Continue reading


Aside from the cataclysmic pollen levels of late, the arrival of Spring has been wonderful. For whatever reason, maybe because of the endless rain this fall and our long and painfully cold winter, I’m more appreciative of the green bursting everywhere and the rebirth of my perennials, Hostas and Ferns sprouting from under the pine … Continue reading

nourish: Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

I had one of those overly ambitious mornings today. Up with the boys at 6:20am, maniac dogs fed, first grade belly full and loaded on the bus, three loads of laundry done and folded by 7:45am, a preschooler tucked under a blanket watching PBS; five lonely over-ripe bananas sat on my kitchen counter calling out … Continue reading

Out Of The Blue…

We got dumped on and guess what? We liked it. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank SC Johnson and Ziplock for making A+ quality corrogated boxes! What else is a Northern family, transplated in the South, supposed to use for sleds? Funny thing is that the boys never questioned that these weren’t real sleds. Not sure what that … Continue reading

nourish: Coffee Toffee Chocolate Chip…

COOKIES! Tomorrow is Tucker’s teachers birthday and he insisted we bake cookies, so we did. Lucky her, since my new What are you going to make now? How about… (insert plethora of culinary delights suggested by Paul) …mixer arrived yesterday! Thank you FedEx!!!! I am sure you’ve already gathered this from previous posts, but just in case you … Continue reading

nourish: Peppermint Meringue Cake with Chocolate Buttercream

My December issue of Bon Appetit had been tempting and challenging me to a culinary throw down since it arrived a few weeks ago. I don’t really bake complex desserts and breads that much. Reason 1: I have no self-control when it comes to carbs. Hence, I end up eating more than my fair share which equals bad news for my ass.  Reason 2:  I am not so great at following the … Continue reading

nourish: Comfort Food

On top of feeling like complete crap for a while with headaches, dizziness and stress, we’ve managed to have an interesting week since Halloween last Saturday. I’ve gone from consuming copious amounts of Halloween candy and feeling like I may need a 12 step program to stop, to caring for Cooper with the stomach flu, Tucker with … Continue reading

nourish: You Asked… I Answered

As a follow up to The Adventures of a Pot of Chili, here is my recipe! It is a recipe from my head and not a cookbook, so the ingredient portions below are close approximations.      Firehouse Chili           4.75 lbs  85% Lean ground beef 3.25 lbs   Hot Italian Sausage – casings removed 4   Medium size Yellow … Continue reading

Adventures of a Pot of Chili

Last Sunday I entered my pot of chili in the preschool’s 1st annual Chili Cook Off. I placed third and thoroughly enjoyed my prize from the bake sale table… a sumptuous red velvet cupcake from Divine Cupcakes. YUM! Being a preschool fundraiser, it would not have been complete with out a visit from the Fire … Continue reading

nourish: Biscuit Bliss

Heaven on a plate comes in the form of home made, light, fluffy and buttery biscuits. The perfect treat on a cool fall morning with a hot cup of coffee and the Wall Street Journal. Even better is how easy they are to make. A fast, fresh, on the fly breakfast favorite for my boys, I love when they come bounding down into the kitchen asking for hot fresh … Continue reading

Team Gluttony

I know you know. It’s so obvious how could you miss it? Huge news, unbelievable, we can barely wrap our minds around it… it’s still raining in Atlanta. Yes, and my head is still ready to explode.  Any moment I am sure of it.  But, it gets even better, more amazing and unbelievable…  School Is Cancelled tomorrow due to rain, flooding and general … Continue reading