Super Belly Bowl

Since the Jets took out our beloved Patriots in the playoffs my super fans devastation has only recently worn off.

New England Patriots Super Fan: Playoff Loss Devastation


As fans, we have no real passion for tonight’s game, but we’ll make the best of it and choose a team to cheer for and put our heart and voices behind. Consensus, last I heard, is that we’re rooting for the Packers. Go Cheeseheads Go!   

The Firehouse Chili is on, homemade Portuguese farm bread is out of the oven and the Whoopie Pies are assembled. At least we’ll have culinary jumping off points!  

While we won’t be cheering for our boys from New England in tonight’s Super Bowl, we will be enjoying our own Super Belly Bowl of culinary delights. Bring on the game, commercials, screaming, cheering, heckling and of course the food!   

Whoopie Pies anyone?     

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