Everything Happens For A Reason

At least it usually does.

Chance meetings, people and things crossing paths with our everyday lives when the timing is right and you need them the most.

Ranging from the small blessings and pay it forward moments to the large, knock your socks off “You must be kidding me! Hot Damn!” things, events and people who inevitably seem to cause us to conclude that yes, everything must happen for a reason.

It must. Right? Well, that’s what I’m going with.

Along the way, we hope, or at least I always hope there’s an abundance of good overshadowing and drowning out the bad and that the lessons will not be too painful.

Lately, I find myself juggling an over-abundance of balls of chaos in the air. While I’ve been treading on thin ice hopeful I can manage to keep the good ones in the air and gracefully manage to only drop the bad ones, I came across an image this afternoon.

An image of work from Roman and Williams, a NYC Interior Design Firm, I saw the image featured on Poppytalk and it resonated.



Everything does happen for a reason and yes…

Everything Is Going To Be Alright.



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