Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Slow and steady wins the race… my new mantra. Still sleeping a ton and doing my best to be a good patient and let others take care of things. The dogs seem to love that I have become part of their pack and the kids are fairing well now that the sun is back out and more time can be spent in the yard. My mom has been an amazing help the past two weeks and we would have been lost without her help-thank you!

Follow up next Tuesday at Emory to get the sutures out, get full pathology and what I termed as the “works” when I scheduled it… like a good salon experience I guess.

Tucker is still loving school, getting on the bus is super fun in the AM, and a heart warming moment each day to see him so happy and Cooper so thrilled for him.

Thank you again for your support, goodies, notes and love… we all love you and each of you have made our travel through this so much easier!

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