One of the Pack

Finding a lot of similarities to my labs and their sleeping habits lately! Tank (almost two and the black lab of the group) will fall to the ground sound asleep the minute you start petting him… not that anyone is petting my head, but I can sleep a champ and have never been so tired. I thought having babies made me tired…

Pain management has been going well, and other than sheer exhaustion and feeling a little off, we are thrilled with my progress thus far.

We have had many people still inquire about meals, and we are happy to receive them and appreciate anything offered. Feel free to come on over and ring the bell, or call ahead, someone is always here and I am always sporting a new dew rag with my hot sweats!

Thank you again for your support and if we have not called you back, sorry… thinking has not been my strength lately and please feel free to just call us back… we’d love to catch up. Email is easier… I can catch my errors and it looks better even though it takes forever to get this all down.

Thank you for the support and happy Wednesday!

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