Wild Ride

What a wild ride this has been! I am attempting to type this all by myself, so I should be done in about 30 days. I look like I have been through quite the brawl, but I have nothing but accolades for my tremendous surgeon, his amazing team, the ICU team and everyone who took such great care of me at Emory… Thank you. The kids are bearing this like the great little ones they are and other than being a little cranky – life is really pretty smooth. Thank god Paul can count correctly and tell time, or I would be in trouble trying to manage all the drugs they sent me home with, but god they are a blessing! Sleeping pretty well and am just so relieved to have made it through with no complications, loss of motor skills (other than a small part of my brain)… but hey, I am blond and it is destiny to loose it at some point.

The outpooring of support, amazing food and flowers have been fabulous and most sincerely appreciated. I still owe phone calls to the amazing nurses and staff who have follow up with me in the past few days and I really can not express what a great experience we had-THANK YOU!

We will do our best to answer your emails and phone calls and welcome visitiors anytime… smiling faces with a great sense of humor are always welcome. From our house of chaos we send to each of you our most sincere appreciation for your kindness and warmth – we woud be lost without each of you and your friendship.

Jared and Stephanie… kudos on the amazing tulips… they are the largest and most beautiful I have ever seen… they keep me smiling in bed and how did you know that they were my favorite! You guys are the best…. love to you both!

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