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The List Gone Bad

Waking up each day to discover that I am still in Hell has been toping my “Things I dread” list. Like a chemistry experiment gone bad, mixing a never ending monsoon of rain and thunderstorms with my ‘two more holes and I’d be a bowling ball head’, the outcome is pretty ugly. In my former … Continue reading

Rain Be Gone

Guess what? It’s raining again and I have another headache, again.  I fear my head will implode one of these days if it does not stop raining.  I used to really enjoy a rainy day. That hot cup of coffee and my Wall Street Journal used to be more fun on rainy days. The peace … Continue reading

Birds Nest

383 days later, many haircuts and lots of patience, the formerly bald part of my head now has new hair and is hanging out with its neighboring friends.  What the new hair is failing to do is play nicely with its new neighbors. As if a flock of birds had built themselves a home, my … Continue reading

Oh, No You Didn’t…

Being the completely responsible parent, sort of, I attempted last week to sign the boys up for CCD. Late and yes, I just called it CCD.  The deadline for registration was in mid June and yes, I should have had it done and checked off the list well before now, but seriously, who can plan and anticipate … Continue reading

Walk For A Day In New Shoes, I Dare You.

The life you live after you become a patient is totally different than the one you lived before the shit hit the fan. It is complex and difficult to explain and like most subjective things, everyone has a different experience. I now know about the unspoken understanding between patients and how endearing it is to … Continue reading

Good Story?

What is it that makes a good story? The tale or the teller? What about the good stories that should have never been? Someone close to me told me a few weeks ago that I had a good story. I’ve been pondering what that means ever since. What is it about my story that makes … Continue reading

A Friend Recently Asked Me Why I Write…

Such a simple question with such a multifaceted answer. Truth be told, I like to write, always have, I was a History major. But that’s the easy out answer. The writing began in private after being diagnosed in 2007 to get my thoughts and emotions out; brief tid bits here and there, some of which … Continue reading

Reality Check

I am losing my patience for how long my recovery is taking. Making great strides and doing well considering the whole experience. Progress is clear and I do see the light at the end of the road since I am getting rather fiesty, but so frustrated when I hit the wall in the afternoon and … Continue reading

Headaches and Crows

Did not sleep too well last night, and woke with a huge headache. Seems like when the weather is overcast or any sign of rain, it will be a doom and gloom day for my poor little head. Have the windows open since it is pretty breazy outside and not hot… miracles do happen finally … Continue reading


Just a quick observation about people… is there a reason why women need to stare so blatantly at me? The men are easy… they look right past, probably grateful that their wife, girlfriend, etc looks a whole lot hotter than me. Trust me, I really don’t care if you think I look like a train … Continue reading